I’m the type that wants romantic kisses, tight hugs, dirty talk and a lot of kinky sex.

So keep up.. ūüėČ

– dp

jab kalam uthaya, siyahi suk gyi..
itni yaadein thhi
itne kisse thhe
kise alfaz du.. Kise na du..
kahi kisi yaad ke saath na-insafi na ho jaye


It’s been said the night is darkest when you are close to dawn..
But what if its the dawn that gives you nightmare.
How can we fight the light?

– dp

one good thing about inspiration: it can hit anytime..
its upto you to hold onto it and do something about it


Quote of the Day #6

waiting for you is like waiting for sun
who will come up without a doubt
But you never know whether the clouds will let the sun shine

– dp

why I am still here, where you left me.. and you are there enjoying maybe..
or maybe you have learn how to wear a mask over mask..


what is Demitri’s World

You don’t have be great to get started.
But you have to get started to be great. #thinkaboutit

Hola people!
Its me Demitri. Welcome to my world!

Well the reason for naming it Demitri’s World is that I am planning to have all at one place. Be it¬†Books¬†I read or the¬†TV Shows¬†I have seen and will be watching next, or the¬†Movies¬†that I have seen so far and the never-ending list of unseen movies.

I will be posting movie and series suggestion and book reviews, so stay tuned guys. 

Also, there will be a Quote every Alternate day to keep you motivated, sappy or will give you something to think about. Or maybe an erotic one, thoughts of all shades of emotions.