Hey guys!!

You will find abstracts every week posted here.

Some will be happy and some sad so buckle up and enjoy short little abstracts every weekend.

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  • Abstract #2

    …in that moment she questioned her very own identity, the whole life was in front of her, as she had already lived it but was not hers to live.

    She wanted to say that she knows… because doing so would reduce the pain, or maybe she wanted to feel the pain because she was not feeling anything.

    That numbness was eating her more than the reality she was facing today.

    It was like she woke up from a dream just to step into the worst nightmare of her life.

    – dp

  • Abstract #1

    One last moment with her,
    sound of her voice, her touch,

    the way her eyes spark when they meet,
    is all I am asking for.

    For the last time!

    It will be enough for me to spend my whole life.

    Doesn’t matter even if it broke her heart in the process.

    It was the only way to keep her safe.

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