About Demitri

Hola amigos!!

There’s so much to tell you guys about me!
Like how I love learning new Languages (Right now, sto imparare L’italiano)or Reading Books or Watching series again and again, and sometimes Reading Tarot Cards (another passion of mine).

Lemme tell you all about Books! The first one which made me fall for books was The Laws of Spirit World. which I read for 6 times in a row. Yes! you read it right, 6 times in a row I just love that book and all that it have to say about Spirit World. Something similar I found in the books of Dr. Brian Weiss. Another Book series that had same effect on me was a erotic one Crossfire Series which I did read after Fifty Shades but nonetheless had different experience. I simply love Gideva more than Mr. and Mrs. Grey.

You will be finding here reviews of books that I have read so far and how they helped me and my reading experience.

Happy Reading and Happy Writing 🙂


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