I have learnt silence from talkative,
Toleration from intolerant, and
Kindness from unkind, yet strange,
I am ungrateful to these teachers.   

Khalil Gibran

why I am still here, where you left me.. and you are there enjoying maybe..
or maybe you have learn how to wear a mask over mask..


what is Demitri’s World

You don’t have be great to get started.
But you have to get started to be great. #thinkaboutit

Hola people!
Its me Demitri. Welcome to my world!

Well the reason for naming it Demitri’s World is that I am planning to have all at one place. Be it Books I read or the TV Shows I have seen and will be watching next, or the Movies that I have seen so far and the never-ending list of unseen movies.

I will be posting movie and series suggestion and book reviews, so stay tuned guys. 

Also, there will be a Quote every Alternate day to keep you motivated, sappy or will give you something to think about. Or maybe an erotic one, thoughts of all shades of emotions.